Create WhatsApp Account with Fake/U.S Number(+1) – Working Method


Hi Guys, I’m back with a new interesting Trick by which you can actually Create a fully functional WhatsApp Account with U.S(United States) Number that starts with +1 Country Code. This is a 100% Working Trick and you don’t need any Real Hands On U.S Sim Card or Number for this trick. Yes, you heard it right. You can get US Sim Card which starts with +1 for absolutely Free. It is a virtual service, so you won’t get the sim Hand on. But you can use it for any online purpose.

As I told you earlier we are creating WhatsApp Account with a US Number, So, of course, you need a U.S Registered Number, But How? Even if you are not a US resident, you can make use of this trick and Create your own Fresh new WhatsApp account with US Number. With this Trick, you can Fool your Friends by sending Messages from this US Account without disclosing your identity. Not only on WhatsApp but also you can use this SIM card to verify your Mobile number on any online website or social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

There are tons of Apps available in the Play Store that provide you Free US Numbers for Calling and Messaging. Numbers provided by most of the Apps found in Play Store are not working in WhatsApp Because they have blocked that serial numbers for some privacy issues. But at last, I managed to find an App called Primo. Primo App works well with WhatsApp without any problem. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s quickly jump into the article and let’s see How to Use WhatsApp with United States number that starts with +1 Country code. This all means of getting a free us number for WhatsApp at no cost.

Create Working WhatsApp with Fake Mobile Number

Features of this Trick:

  • Free of cost
  • More Privacy
  • Create working WhatsApp account with +1 Country Code number
  • Create Fake WhatsApp account without Mobile Number
  • 100% Safe and Working

Update – Now, this trick applies to iPhone users as well. I have added links to iOS users as well. 🙂

 || As per a lot of request Proof of OTP Verification has been added ||

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How To Create WhatsApp Account With US +1 Number

Latest Working Method

Watch the Video Tutorial to see how you can get a Virtual US Number to verify your WhatsApp Account. You can learn more about creating US Number for WhatsApp from the Video below.

After a series of comments telling that no app is working, etc. I checked that application again and found it was not working with WhatsApp. Again, after a few research, I am back with another method through which you can get free working US number which starts with +1 and create a WhatsApp Account with it. In this method, you can also even select the Area code as well. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

  • At first, download the app called 2ndLine from the Google Play Store with the link below. This App is 100% best for African countries, like Kenya where I currently reside. I tried this App and it is incredibly awesome for Kenyans who are reading this post. It is equally recommended for all countries.


  • Open the Up and tap on “Get a Free Phone Number” button

2nd Line App Sign Up

  • After that, a new page will appear asking you to enter Email and Password
  • You can enter any random Username and Password or even give your primary Email address and tap on Create Account
  • No, you are not required to verify your email address
  • Now, the app will ask for seven permissions on your device. Just Tap Yes for all permissions.
  • Now, you have to select an Area code for the US. There are tons of Area code that you can find. For this article, I will be using the Area code 513 which is of Ohio. You can also select any from New York, Mexico, etc,

WhatsApp US Number Area Code

  • And click Continue
  • Now a list of 5 Different US Numbers will appear with the Area code we provided. You can select any one of them or wait for a minute those numbers will get refreshed and new numbers will appear.

List Of US Numbers

  • Click Continue
  • Now, you will be taken to the dashboard where it will display your new US Number

Follow the next step to create WhatsApp Account with this number. There is a little bit of trick here.

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Enter your new number with +1 country code

Fake Number for WhatsApp

  • Now, click OK on the popup
  • Here comes the main part, WhatsApp will fail to send SMS to the number and it will show an error message. Now all you want to do is tap on the Call Me button

Create A WhatsApp Account

  • You will receive a Call within 2nd Line app, be sure to keep the application opened.

Fake US Number Verification

  • Attend the call and it will tell you the verification code.
  • Just enter the verification code in WhatsApp and verify your new account.

Voilaa! You have just verified your new account

Proovl SMS can receive any SMS verification, with USA and UK mobile SIM numbers. All numbers are new and dedicated.

Below, I am sharing the step by step guide you need to follow for getting a US Number and Creating a WhatsApp account with that number. We will first register the US Number and then we will verify that number for creating WhatsApp account. Make sure that you have working Internet Connection, Even to receive the OTP, you will need the Internet.

1. Firstly, Download the Application called Primo from Play Store using the link below. Note this App has been updated and, I am sorry Kenyans, It won’t work for you. I tested it myself and found out that it has been restricted to countries outside African continent.

   Primo – Android App     Primo – iOS App

(Download Link has been updated to the latest version in the recent update. As App UI has changed in the new update, All the screenshot below, also have been updated.)

2. Install and Open the app

3. Once Opened, it will ask you to register an Account, Just enter your real Mobile Number and click on the submit button.

Register on Primo App


4. Enter the OTP and verify your Mobile Number in the Primo App.

Verify Number On Primo App With OTP

5. Complete the verification process.

6. Now, Click on the Activate button next to “Primo US Phone Number” option.

7. Now it will show a US Number, Just note it down or copy it.

Copy The United States Number from Primo App


6. Note down that US number of copy it, We will need it in the next step for verifying it in WhatsApp with OTP or One Time Password.

Now, you might be thinking, Ohh! I cannot uninstall my current WhatsApp, but I need to use this US Number. What ill do I? Well, I got an answer to your question. Dual Whatsapp! Follow the tutorial mentioned in the below given link and learn How to install multiple instances of WhatsApp in a single phone.

Dual WhastApp – Trick [7 Methods]

Assuming that you have followed the article mentioned above and now you are using two or multiple WhatsApp on your smartphone. Then, proceed.

7. Install WhatsApp from the Link below (If not done already)

   Download WhatsApp

8. Install and Open WhatsApp.


7.  Select Country code as +1 [select country as the United States] and type your US Number that we copied earlier from the Primo app and click on Continue.

Verify US Number on WhastApp

8. Wait for some time and you will see a “Call Me” option in WhatsApp, just click on it.

9. Now call will come to your Phone via Primo App from WhatsApp.

10. Attend the call and note down your Verification Code.

11. Now enter the Code in WhatsApp and verify your Mobile Number.


12. Once everything is Done, Set a DP and Name.

Now your Fresh New WhatsApp Account with US Number(+1) is ready to use. Start sending Messages to your friends from this US number and make them feel surprised. You can prank them until you tell them that it was prank 🙂

What Else Can You Do With This Number

This number can not only be used at WhatsApp but also on any other Online Websites or Apps. You can use this number to verify your account on Facebook, Hike, Snapchat or any other platform to create a free account with US Number.

The named Primo also has some great advantages that you don’t know. Primo is not only for generating US number, you can use this Number within the Primo App as well. You can use Primo App to make a Free Phone call to any number with this US Number or Send unlimited SMS to any number you like. I use this awesome App to prank my friends. Since my friends can’t find the actual person behind the number, I can prank them until I wish. Even TrueCaller are not able to detect this Number. Haha 😉

Method 2: textPlus App

So, As promised, I am updating the article with a new App,  A new method. By this, you will get free us number for WhatsApp, too.

The procedure will be pretty much similar to the method 1. I will guide you through the whole process of getting a new US Number of your choice from the App mentioned below.

Note – You are free to select and customize your number, Whenever you like you can delete your current Number and get a new number in less than a minute. You can select the location like whether to get a number based in Florida or somewhere else.

  • Download the App mentioned below and Install it on your smartphone from the Google Play Store – [Link below]

   textPlus – Android App     textPlus – iOS App

  • Install the App and Open it up
  • Click on Create New Account
  • Enter your Name, Mobile Number Email address, Password and Create your fresh new account.
  • Now, Click on the Account Options tab 
  • Tap on Get Your Free textPlus Number!

textPlus App to Get United States Number

  • Now a customization option will appear, here, you can edit your number, choose your location of number (ie. Florida, etc) and select the number

Customize US Number

  • Now, you will see a popup with your brand new US Based Number.

textPlus United States Number

  • Copy the Number and Proceed to WhatsApp
  • Follow the guide above to know How to create a WhatsApp account with your new number


Here is an example of Verification Code that I got while I tried to verify a YouTube channel with this number. (I was not having the WhatsApp Verification code, So, I am adding this as proof. Yes, it is from Google 🙂 )

United States Number Verification - Proof


Final Words

Hope you guys found this trick useful. You can use the same Primo App for generating US Number, in case if you want to create a new account on any other website/App.

Now start sending messages from this number to your friends and make them confused. As mentioned earlier, You can also register on any Website or App to create accounts. Since we get SMS and Call to the Primo App, we can use it as our Secondary Mobile number as well. It has both Incoming and Outgoing, So it is a great app to try. So that’ exactly how you get a free us number for WhatsApp or pretty much any other service.

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