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WhatsApp is one of the most popular Messaging App and used by millions of users worldwide. When it comes to WhatsApp Tips & Tricks, there are many WhatsApp Tricks on the Internet. Here I’m back with one of those trick “Fake WhatsApp Number” using which you can Create Fake WhatsApp Account With US Number.


Whatsapp is more Popular nowadays. As the number of people using Whatsapp increasing day by day, Whatsapp demand is much more. There are many tricks of Whatsapp through which you can shock your friends. But in this trick, I’m going to tell you on How you can Create WhatsApp Account with Unknown Number OR US Number.

This method is much simpler than you think. You just need to download a single App from Play store or you can download from any Play Store Alternative as well and you are done.

For this trick, you need Fake WhatsApp Number or say US Number. You might be thinking How can you get US Number for verification. Well, the answer is you can get it from Play store. There are many Best Apps On play Store through which you can get US Number for your Account Verification. But the thing is most of the apps have blocked numbers for use in Whatsapp or Whatsapp itself block their numbers.

Finally, there is an awesome App Named “Primo” which you can use in this trick. I’m also going to use Primo App through which you can verify your US Number.

Features & Benefits Of Creating Whatsapp Account With Fake WhatsApp Number:

  • Shock your Friends
  • Fake WhatsApp Number
  • Fake WhatsApp Account
  • International Number
  • More Privacy
  • Hide your Number
  • Free Of Cost
  • Keep your Number secure

How To Create Fake Whatsapp Account With US Number?

  1. Download Primo App From Here : Download
  2. Once you downloaded, Open the App & Enter your Real Number.
  3. Now Verify your Number using OTP.
  4. After successful verification, You also need to verify your Email in order to get US Number.
  5. Once you have successfully verified your number, Click on Menu From the top left corner.
  6. Now Click on “Add Phone Number“.
  7. Once you click on Add Phone Number, you will get your US Number, Simply Note it Down.
  8. Now Open Whatsapp from your Device in which you want to use your US Number.
  9. Enter US Number in Whatsapp & Click on Continue.
  10. Now Just wait for few seconds, & Click on Call Me Option and you will get a phone call in Primo App.
  11. Pick the call & Enter the verification code in WhatsApp.
  12. Done! You have successfully created your Fake WhatsApp Account on WhatsApp with Fake WhatsApp Number.

Note : This Trick is Only for Educational Purpose. Don’t use this number for an illegalpurpose. Techbench is not responsible for any kind of loss.


This was the easiest method and you need to Download only one App in order to Create Fake WhatsApp Account with US Number. Hope you liked this Article On Fake WhatsApp Number.

Enjoy this trick on How to Create WhatsApp Account With US Number & Shock your Friends. Comment below if you have any query. Stay tuned with us for more latest Tricks & Updates.

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