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WhatsApp is one of the most popular Messaging App which is used by people worldwide. There are millions of users who are using WhatsApp and can’t live without it. As it is a popular Messaging App which is used by most of the people, you can Prank your friend on WhatsApp by Sending Unlimited Messages On WhatsApp via WhatsApp Bomber. So, here I’m going to Share How to Crash Friends WhatsApp via WhatsApp Bomber.

There are many methods available using which you can Prank your friends by sending unlimited messages on Whatsapp but as the new update of Whatsapp has released, most of the methods are of no use.

But, there are also many Apps & Methods available through which you can easily Send Unlimited Message to your friend & crash his/her WhatsApp. Also, there are many Online WhatsApp Bomber & SMS Bomber available which you can use if you want. But here I’ve listed the best one.

In most of the methods, you need to Root Your Device, but for the method which I’m going to share here, you don’t need your device to be rooted.

There are hundreds of Apps available on Play Store & Play Store Alternative if you search for WhatsApp Bomber, but most of them are not working and have many ads. So, here I’m going to Share three methods through which you can Crash Friends WhatsApp via WhatsApp Bomber.Also Read : How To Mirror Android Screen On PC Without Root

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So, without wasting more time, let’s proceed further and check out How to Crack Friends WhatsApp via WhatsApp Bomber?

WhatsApp Bomber

Method 1: Crash Friends WhatsApp Via WhatsApp Bomber ( Web Method )

  • Firstly, Download SpamBot On Your PC From Here:This content is lockedPlease support us, use one of the buttons below to unlock the content.LikeI agree with Terms of UsePrivacy Policy
  • Once you have downloaded, Open it.
  • Once you Open the App, a Window will appear as shown below.


  • In Place of “Enter your text that you want bot to print” Enter your Own text which you want to send (Eg: Hello) and Enter the number of times you want to send the Message.

Spambot Enter Interval

  • Now Open Web WhatsApp & Login to your Account by Scanning the QR Code. Once you have logged in, Select the Contact to whom you want to Send Spam Messages.
  • Finally, Click On Start Button & Once you click on Start a Window will Pop-up saying “You will have 10 seconds to put the text where you want“.

Spambot Pop-Up

  • Simply Click on OK & Click on Type a Message field in WhatsApp Web.

Type A Message

  • Done! Now it will Start Sending Message to your Contact and it will Spam the Chat with the message you have sent and your Friend will get irritated and will surely block you on WhatsApp 

Spambot Sent Message

The best Part about this Spambot is it not only works with WhatsApp but it works everywhere. You just need to Enter the text and number of interval and just click the area where you want to Spam. It is very useful when you have to copy same text multiple times.

Crash Friends WhatsApp Via WhatsApp Bomber (Video Guide)

Method 2: Crash Friends WhatsApp By Sending Message ( Not Working )

  • Firstly, Go to this link by clicking here.
  • Once you have visited the page, click on the Raw button.

Raw Button

  • Now, Hold & Copy all the Emoji.
  • Go to WhatsApp & Select the Contact to whom you want to send unlimited Message.
  • Now Paste this Emoji two to four times and click on Send button.
  • Done! It will definitely Crash your Friends WhatsApp.

Crash Friends WhatsApp

Note: Make Sure not to send many messages at once else your own WhatsApp will be Crashed.

Method 3: Crash Friends WhatsApp By Unknown Number

There are many methods through which you can Create WhatsApp account with Unknow Number. I’ve already shared an Article on How To Create Whatsapp Account With Unknown Number you can check that out and Create your own US Number.


So, these were the three methods using which you can Crash your Friends WhatsApp. First method is working perfectly fine and you can Crash your Friends WhatsApp via WhatsApp Bomber, but due to Read more Feature, the second method isn’t working now. But it will definitely Crash your WhatsApp if you send the Emoji message three to four times.

Now Just Follow Method 1 & Start Sending Unlimited Message Via WhatsApp Bomber. Just use the Newly Created WhatsApp Account with Unknown Number to Send Messages.

Hope you liked this Article on How To Crash Friends WhatsApp Via WhatsApp Bomber. Do Comment below if you have any query. Stay tuned with us for more latest Tricks & Updates.

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