Whatsapp New Feature: Admins can prevent members from posting messages in their groups


be kind to everything that lives (1)Hello guys, We are back with another awesome new whatsapp feature that will blow your minds. Some of us are WhatsApp Group Admins and we often find some messages from members annoying or breaking the group rules. If you want to know how you can prevent members from posting messages without removing them, then you are at the right place.

Admin Can Prevent Members from sending messages in groups is a new feature introduced by GBWhatsApp. To Get this feature on your phone please update your GBWhatsApp to version 6.55. Click here to download GBWhatsApp. Do the below steps to get the feature in your GBWhtsApp. This is a server-side feature so please wait some time after installing GBWhatsApp to get this feature.

Do the below steps to get the feature.

1. Download & Install GbWhtasapp

Click Here to Download GBWhatsApp V 6.55

2. Open A Group (You Should be an admin)

3. Open Group Info and Select Group Settings

4. Now Select Send Messages 

5. Now Select Only admins and press OK 

With this new feature, you can even prevent the members or participants from changing group info or Dp of the group. Just select Edit group info above Send messages and choose Only admins and no one else will have the right to interfere with the group info or profile pic of your group. Hope you enjoyed this article, kindly leave us your comment below if you have any query, compliment or correction. Thank you.


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